LPCA Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2016

LPCA fence

You can download the April 26, 2016 LPCA meeting minutes here


Call to order at 7:02 pm


  1. Introduction of first time attendees and new residents. We had a handful of newcomers.


  1. Crime report by Officer Reyes
    1. Crime stat this month
  • Up from 10 to 29
  • – increase in theft from auto
  • – most have been Howard Students who have been victims
  • – violent crimes: increased to 3
  • – don’t leave valuables in vehicles; leave it empty
  • – summer time means more people in the street and rise in crimes


  1. Public Safety report by Anita Norman
  • Tomorrow: Ward 1 safety meeting w councilwoman nadeau, chief Lanier and local MPD, 630-830 at 2500 Georgia ave nw
  • Over the weekend there was a gun found in oaksdale along w pcp, graffiti on the sidewalk, on the apartment building at 3rd & elm–city will remove graffiti for free.
  • If you see something suspicious, call 911
  • Bulk trash: people are illegally dumping trash in alley. Contact 311 to pick up bulk trash
  • Special thanks to the police department for directing traffic on Florida & 6th NW (also commissioner footer & Anita Norman for getting it in the works)


  1. Elk’s Lodge Liquor Protest by Brian Footer
  • their liquor license is up for renewal
  • ANC will protest the liquor license
  • they will get plaquered which will show 3 dates: 2nd date is important — petition date.
  • next meeting we will have formal vote for LPCA to enter protest as a formal party
  • when they get plaquered, Brian will send an email w more information and resolution (1 pager bullet points) and more info will go out in the listserve—7 calendar days before the vote to educate the community about the vote
  • we will also post paper info at the LeDroit market and at the park
  • proper notification is 7 calendar days before the vote
  • Questions or comments, email Brian Footer: 1b01@anc.dc.gov


  1. DDOT Update (Florida & 6th) by Brian Footer
  • They (traffic cops) will be at Florida & 6th when they can
  • MPD and traffic control officer (DDOT) are different departments
  • short term solution: new sign, painting the intersection different
  • long term solutions may be: eliminate left hand turns, red light cameras may be solutions moving forward
  • more to come!
  • PS: Long term fix will be difficult says Ben case


  1. Nominating Committee Election by Richard Meyers
  • Nominating committee will search for officers for next year
  • Anyone that pays their dues by next meeting is eligible to be on the committee
  • The committee will also check with current officers to see if they want to continue and nominate people as officers
  • We need five on the committee. Volunteers: Karen Lombardi-cochair, Richard Meyers-cochair, John Hillegass, Danielle Lopez, Meredith Katz


  1. Committee Reports

Public Safety – Anita Norman

  • May 1-Oct 31 report high grass (10inches) to 311
  • Email from Howard university: food delivery truck for students was robbed in April by 3 males; took $400-500. If you see something suspicious, report to 911.
  • Cookie’s Corner was robbed. Closed right now for renovations.
  • Safety walk is every 3rd Tuesday of the month (may 17th is next one)

Mail Misdelivery – Anita Norman

  • Call ups or fedex & complain if they don’t deliver packages correctly
  • LeDroit market will accept your packages for $1
  • Our contact for post office if mail is misdelivered: 202-636-1259

Treasurer/Membership – Donna Morris

  • We have total of $3802
  • Membership fees are due now
  • Pay for it online: ledroitparkdc.org
  • Will send out membership due reminder in the listserve
  • We use the dues for variety of things


  1. Community Announcements
  • Neighborhood clean up day will be sometime in May
  • Annual block party: will discuss at next meeting
  • Wednesdays we have a mobile produce market (Arcadia Farm) and civic association volunteers to hand out vouchers. Begins end of May or early June.
  • There should be some kind of practice for CA to provide notice for the public before a vote. There should be more notice of the resolution and something formal. If there is going to be a vote on resolution, that notice should be posted on website and listserve. If there is a matter where we will take a stand on, we should post all the details and full text ahead of the meeting and vote. We agreed to at least 5 calendar days.
  • Common Good City farm stand begins next Thursday. Educational workshops and other events are offered at the farm.
  • Howard theater article concern: Ethan Arnheim would like to propose that we pass a resolution suggesting someone from CA be our rep on the Howard theater board. Ethan will email the CA board regarding this.
  • Ben case: Ben.case@dc.gov shoot email if there are any concerns or needs. Pothole palooza is going on; call 311 to let them know about potholes. Fight for $15- mayor’s push to raise minimum wage to $15. Budget: mayor unveiled her budge and council will vote on it–encourage your councilmember to vote on it.
  • Happy hours! Join us every 2nd Tuesday. Details will be up on website and social media.
  • Kay from Elm Street asks about the mosquito situation. Is there anything we can do as a community in preventing mosquitos this summer? Department of energy and environment may. Ben Case will look into it. For now, get rid of standing water.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


This memorandum represents our understanding of the events that transpired and the actions that were taken. If they do not conform to a recipient’s understand, prompt written notice must be communicated to the writer. If no corrections or objections are made, this memorandum will be relied upon as a factual interpretation of this meeting.


Submitted on Monday, May 2, 2016, by Jeehye Pak, Secretary of the LeDroit Park Civic Association.