Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2017

LPCA fenceTuesday, May 23, 2017 at 7 pm

Florida Avenue Baptist Church

623 Florida Avenue NW (enter at the back)

7:02 pm meeting begins.

Neighbor Dr. Jerry Brown – she has passed away.

MPD: Officer Morgan and Brown are in attendance.

  • 2 violent crimes in the past month
  • property crime (theft from auto) has gone up although low compared to last year.
  • 2 burglaries
  • – email of Commander


Mr. B. Michael Carr from Foster Care of Child and Family Services Agency:

  • Informational session happens every 2nd Saturday morning, or 4th Thurs evening of the month.
  • org
  • November is national adoption month. If anyone is interested, please attend the informational session at: 200 I Street SE
  • 202-671-SAFE : call if you think a child is in endanger or being mistreated
  • About 960 children are in foster care in DC right now
  • If someone supports a child, DC gov will offer lots of support
  • B. Michael Carr: 202-727-7365


Ms. Harris from Homeless Outreach Program:

  • Office located 1905 E Street NW
  • Service they provide: ID’s, birth certifications, mental and health medications, get into hospitals, applying for disability & food stamps, manage DC shelters, etc.
  • If you see someone in community that’s sleeping outside or on your porch, don’t offer food or blankets. This will make it harder to help them and change their situation for the better.
  • There is a staff member working until 9pm everyday. So call if you need someone to come out for an assessment or to help a homeless person. After 9pm call mobile crisis. In the wintertime if you specifically see someone you are concerned with, email Tamiko with description of person and area. 1-888-793-4357
  • – she works for our area so email her!
  • DC is the mecca for homeless people.


Office of Aging:

  • Aging and Disability Resource Center
  •, 202-724-5626
  • One stop resource for older adults, individuals living w/ disabilities, and caregivers
  • Benefits myway dcoa: you can create a profile and it will tell you everything organizations and agencies that can help the individual
  • There are 8 lead agencies throughout DC
  • 202-724-5626: information referral and assistance #
  • 202-434-2190: legal counsel for the elderly
  • “guide to retirement living” quarterly magazine is free


Committee Reports:

  • Treasury: $3747 in the account. Of that, Parks have $522.
  • Safety: Contact 311 for high grass, overflowing trash, street or alley cleaned
  • Parks: Lights are put in, graffiti has been cleaned up


Election of Officers:

  • Nomination committee has asked people to run for office. Also opening up the floor here for any new nominees. Ethan nominated himself
    • John Goodman running for President.
    • Ethan Arnheim Running for VP.
    • Cindy Paladines running for Treasurer
    • Jeehye Kim Pak running for Secretary
  • Richard moved for the nominees to be elected as named. There was a second. Passed unanimously.


Jennifer from Brianne Nadeau’s office:

  • Use 311 if you have issues with rats
  • Brianne on your Block will be at Potter’s House tomorrow
  • John Hillegas of our neighborhood is now working at Brianne’s office (he works for the constituent services)

Anita encourages folks to attend the ANC meetings. They make decisions about LP and so come and share your thoughts.


8:12 PM meeting adjourned