LPCA Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2015

LPCA fence

Minutes for the Meeting on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

at the Florida Avenue Baptist Church, 623 Florida Avenue NW


Pepco-Exelon merger—Chris Taylor, Pepco

  1. Fact sheet of merger settlement with DC govt. was passed out and can be found online www.PHITomorrow.com
  2. Settlement includes more than 120 commitment, among them:
    1. No rate increase until March 2019
    2. One time $50 bill credit
    3. Sustainability: invest up to 10MW of solar energy
      1. $7M for renewal energy
      2. at least 4 new microgrids (onsite generation & distribution)
    4. Rates
      1. Public Service Commission regulates them
      2. 5-6% increase after 2019 but there will be a credit on the bill where a rate increase incurred, but that credit will offset the increase
  3. Exelon is an energy company; largest provider of clean energy in the nation and distributor of electricity; total have 8 million customers.

Rerouting of the G2 bus – Ann Chisholm, Christine Marsh, Jamie Sepler; WMATA

  1. The route runs from Fourth & V Streets to Georgetown University.
  2. DC Water construction on Third St between Florida and Rhode Island Aves necessitates a months-long rerouting.
  3. Map of G2 route, including the long-term detour effective spring 2016 was handed out.  Proposed rerouting:
    1. At P St & New Jersey Avenue, turn left (northwest) onto New Jersey Ave.
    2. Turn right onto S Street, which quickly becomes 4th Street at Florida Ave
    3. Follow 4th Street north to rejoin the current route at Elm St.
    4. (southbound G2 buses would follow this route in reverse)
  4. Timeline: Will begin sometime in Spring 2016 through 2020/2022
  5. Concern that 4th Street NW is getting dumped with more traffic due to other city projects. Brian Footer has asked them to push back the start date to June to help lessen the impact of projects
  6. They will consider other streets and traffic pattern to reroute the bus; and will work with DDOT about traffic signal impacts
  7. Appreciation of the bus stop consolidation program by Eric Fidler
  8. Sign up for the LPCA list server, Commissioner Footer will give more updates on this project.

Public safety report—Anita Norman, Vice President and Public Safety Chair

  1. Safety walk meets every 3rd Tuesday. Had good turn out with the public safety committee. Observed a few things: bricks in the alley (added to brick repair list), overgrown tree (was reported), graffiti
  2. Forms are available to notify 311 of graffiti; they will remove for free
  3. Trash bins on 1800 b/o 5th Street. DPW is in the ticketing phase. If you know people illegally dumping, encourage them to do the right thing.
  4. Trash collection. Make sure to put it out on time!
  5. MPD: concerns about urinating in the alleyway 300 b/o T St. They will arrest if they see this occurring.
  6. ANC co-chair for public safety committee: contact her judy.williams@dc.gov (202-673-9300) if you see anyone in need
  7. LeDroit Market receives packages for you so they don’t get stolen.
  8. Still working on the speed humps on 300 b/o T St. They have completed their 2nd evaluation
  9. 6th & Florida Ave.: Talked with DDOT for a short-term solution to drivers continually blocking the crosswalk, perhaps having a traffic officer present
    1. call, email the city council office or mayor office
  10. MPD officer:
    1. Officers will be out at Florida & 6th during the morning and evening rush.
    2. Crime has been down in LeDroit Park!, robberies are higher in the holidays. Package thefts are really high.
  11. Crime report from Eric Fidler: Sept 26 – Oct 26, 2015: significant drops from the same one-month period in 2014.

Treasurer’s Report – Donna Morris, Treasurer

  1. Just pay via Paypal, bring money and checks to meetings, drop payment in Donna’s mailbox! We do a lot of good work with the money. $15/household; $5 for seniors and families facing hardship; $100 sponsors
  2. Visit our website ledroitparkdc.org
  3. We have $4,889.88 today.
  4. Be involved! There are lots of ways: Happy hour, watering trees, holiday party, block party, neighborhood committees, etc.

ANC Report – ANC Commissioner Brian Footer, ANC1B01

  1. Florida & 6th (it’s a mess of cars running reds, cars are blocking pedestrian walkways): take photos, send them to the councilmember & mayor’s office or Brian Footer
    1. We have to be patient to make sure we do this accurately. It will take up to 90 days for them to do a traffic study (how has traffic increased/decreased? How do we re-time light, how will it effect current traffic? Etc.).
    2. Call w/ DDOT: immediate measure in that intersection but there are not a lot they can do at this time. MPD will be out there with foot patrol and writing tickets. Michelle Malotsky will see if we can get a permanent MPD traffic light there. Traffic patrol officer to direct traffic? (MPD say no but we shall see)
  2. Sidewalk repairs – 11 cases have been repaired
  3. Florida Ave from 7th to 9th just got repaved
  4. There is a convo happening w/ DDOT around the bike lanes from Howard to the Mall: 1) 9th street 2) 6th street. Brian personally likes 6th street. Go to the DDOT website and vote on what you think the best route is!
  5. Speed hump on 4th St, almost there!
  6. Submitted application to eliminate truck traffic on 4th street
  7. Elm Street parking lot: slow and steady progress. There are more discussion and research on this project. More details to come.

Park Committee Report– Nicole Bambas, Chair, Park Committee

  1. Planted 47 trees last October
  2. Thanks to all those that helped water the trees!
  3. Winter hiatus – we will not water but if you want to help water for the next few more weeks, please contact Nicole!

Community announcements

  1. Zeba Floyd: The Zoning Commission has approved development at McMillan, which is nearby. We need a comprehensive area traffic study. We need DDOT to get on board. There is a meeting second Thursday of the month.
  2. Ben Case from Mayor’s office: 202-285-9238
  3. Shirley Price, UPO: 202-438-7170. Attempting to reach out to community to help with projects. Sign up sheet is available if want to serve on any advisory committee for UPO.
  4. Joe Fazzini from Councilmember Nadeau’s office was present and listening.


Announcement of upcoming events


Meeting adjourned


This memorandum represents our understanding of the events that transpired and the actions that were taken. If they do not conform to a recipient’s understand, prompt written notice must be communicated to the writer. If no corrections or objections are made, this memorandum will be relied upon as a factual interpretation of this meeting.


Submitted on Wednesday, October 30, 2015, by Jeehye Pak, the Secretary of the LeDroit Park Civic Association.