LPCA Monthly Meeting Minutes For Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Call to order: 7:06pm

 Introductions (7:06-7:13): introduce yourself to your table, let them know how

long you have been in the neighborhood and what you want to improve in the

neighborhood. 68 community members in attendance.

 Community Presentations (7:13- 7:46)

– “Hi” Campaign: (7:13-7:15)

– Jason Moore, Lucy Diggs Slowe Dorm President (7:15 – 7:23)

o increase community camaraderie through friendly communication to


o Volunteering to spread word, stickers, etc.

o Follow on twitter @Hi_Campaign_DC or email

hi_campaign@hotmail.com for more information

o Wants to change relationship with community, as one of the last off-

campus dorms at Howard University

o Wants to integrate Lucy Diggs Slowe rich history into the culture of


o Wants to demonstrate students benefits to the community and come

partner that is accepted at the table

o 7 other Howard students in attendance

– LeDroit Park Neighborhood Green Infrastructure Project, District Dept. of

Transportation (DDOT) (7:23 – 7:39) Reggie Arno 202-741-5340


o After 2012 neighborhood flood, Mayor directed study and

implementation of infrastructure to better handle storm water

o goals:

 improve surface stormwater management

 improve water quality entering local drainage system , streams

 reduce potential for flooding by reducing concentrated flows of

 implement features that are attractive, unobtrusive and

o what need from community:

 identify areas where the community experiences flooding

 identify potential sites for consideration in this project

 identify potential sites that should not be considered in this

o next steps

 community walk: November 15 – more details to come.

 develop short list of treatment locations

 take photos, post on blog and social media

o funding: $2 million a year for 5 years

or other water bodies

water during storm events

require limited maintenance


– LeDriot Park Market, ledroitmarket@gmail.com (7:39-7:43)

– Groundswell (7:43-7:46)

o Plan is to open in November

o Planning for a retail market and deli. Please email above address with

any feedback you have on what type of market/goods you’d like to see


o Will look into accepting “Bison Bucks”

o For the last five years, Groundswell’s been disrupting the energy

sector with our unique model called Civic Consumption.

o Visit their website for more information at: www.groundswell.org

 Committee Reports:

– Parks Committee, Nicole Bambas (7:46-7:50)

– Treasurer, Donna Morris (7:50)

– Membership, Christina Gilbert (7:52)

– Communications, Ashley Jefferson (7:56)

– Public Safety, Anita Norman (7:58)

o Casey Trees event on Oct 25: event was huge success. Thanks to all

that came out and all the neighborhood businesses that donated.

o Watering Plan: the next step is to communicate with volunteers that

signed up to contribute to the schedule to water the trees. If you are

interested in helping out, please email Nicole at


o Currently have $2,438.77 in the bank

o Due rates are: residential $15, senior $5, sponsors $100, business

$250, corporate $500.

o Visit the website to join through PayPal

o Mail check to P.O. Box 135, Washington, DC 20044

o Sign up for Membership: please make sure you have paid your dues.

Membership cycle is from May 1 – April 30. Funds help LPCA provide

events and activities for the community. If you cannot remember,

send me an email and I can verify.

o Neighborhood Happy Hour: is on November 11 at 6:00pm at Big

Bear Café. Please spread the word and bring your friends.

o Website has been updated: please check it out and sign up

o Looking for writers to help put the quarterly newsletter together and

participate with updating and maintaining our social media outlets

o Holiday Season Safety tips: protect your home when traveling,

protect your packages,

o Block Captains: currently recruiting people, email Anita at

anita.norman1@verizon.net for more info and sign up.

o Anna Cooper Circle Maintenance: contact DGS at 202-576-7676 to

report trash and other maintenance issues (direct contacts are Curt

Bakos or Alfred Richards)

o Parking and Enforcement: going to ask next ANC Commissioner to

write a letter to DDOT requesting a traffic survey for the entire


o Safety Walk: Nov 6 at 7pm meet at Anna Cooper Circle. Walk to areas

of concern with police officer. Looking for repairs and other issues

want addressed by city.

o Halloween: “NextDoor LeDroit Park” is asking for houses to identify

when going to offer candy, then populating a map of houses for


o Officer Spence: Crime report for PSA

 Sept 26-Oct 26

 4 robberies

 9 violent crime

 15 non-violent crimes

 Community Open Forum (8:15-8:30)

– Zeba Floyd gave McMillan Advisory Group update. Contact Zeba

(zeba4mcmillan@earthlink.net) for more information

– Brian Footer gave an update to Ben Ball’s letter regarding persistent issues

with Elks Lodge in which they have been violating their settlement

agreements. Community members agreed to have a public dialog to address

the concerns. More details to come.