LPCA Monthly Meeting Minutes for June 24, 2014

The LPCA Monthly Meeting Minutes for June 24, 2014 have been scripted and are published below. For more information on the minutes and other LPCA matters, please email President Golda Philip at goldap@gmail.com.

Call to order: 7:05pm

• Introductions (7:05-7:13): asked attendees to give name, block of residence, how

long lived in the neighborhood.

• Presentations (7:13-7:58):

• MuralsDC (7:13-7:25): Word, Beat, and Life, a nonprofit organization

that works with underprivileged youth, is working with DC Public Works

Department to finalize the choice of arts to work on murals at selected

sites. The condominium building located at 1907 3rd

an application and was chosen to participate in the program. LPCA asks

neighborhood residents to assist in choosing the final artist by voting

on our website (ledroitparkdc.org) for your favorite samples. Voting

will close on Friday at 12 a.m. An email will be circulated on the list

serv with a link to artist work samples and residents will be allowed

to vote for one artist.

• Common Good City Farm (7:25-7:30): the new Farm Manager, Andrea

Carter (andrea@commongoodcityfarm.org) came to introduce herself

and highlight summer programs. Find out more about different summer

programs and opportunities at commongoodcityfarm.org

• DPW’s Solid Waste Education & Enforcement Division (7:30-7:45): William

Easley (202-645-7190) came to discuss “Scoop the Poop” program, which

is a partnership with DOE (Diane Davis 202-741-0847) and DDOT (see

attached flier for more details). Additional programs discussed:

Street, NW submitted

• Disposal Site at Fort Totten Transfer Station:

o Solid Waste Disposal Drop-off: Mon-Fri from 1 to 5pm, Sat

from 8am-3pm

o Monthly Hazardous Waste and E-cycling Drop-off: first

Saturday of the month from 8am-3pm, and the preceding

Thursday from 1 to 5pm.

• HR 57 (7:45-7:58): jazz nonprofit is looking to submit plans for a building

project at the corner of T Street and Florida (mock-ups were presented

• Elections (7:58-8:00): Richard Myers opened the floor for nominations

• Helping Hands: may schedule large trash and compost picks in

neighborhood during the meeting). Would require historic preservation approval.

• A motion was offered and seconded for LPCA to support the

project. Motion (voice vote) passed with a majority in support.

• President: Golda Philips

• Vice President: Eric Fidler

• Secretary: Brian Footer

• Treasurer: Donna Morris

• A motion was offered and seconded to elect slate of uncontested

officers – Motion passed with unanimous support.

• Committee Reports:

• Public Safety, Anita Norman (8:00-8:16)

• Parks, Nicole Bambas (8:16-8:17)

• Membership, Sandra Serrant (8:17-8:22)

• Crime Update: violent crime down and property (particularly

automobiles) is up. Remember to keep doors locked and windows

up. Report suspicious behavior to the MPD (make sure to get name of

Officer and crime report number so we can follow/check-in)

• Street Safety: 4th

working on getting a walking signal. Brick repairs at identified

locations are beginning.

• Safety Walk: will continue through the summer. Will post and send

out dates. Will meet at Anna Cooper Circle and lasts about one hour.

• Block Captains: currently recruiting people, email Anita at

anita.norman1@verizon.net for more info and sign up.

• Graffiti: have been working with city to clean graffiti. Working on

getting members of the community trained in cleaning graffiti.

• Speed Bumps: a number of community members have expressed

interest in speed bumps on T Street. Petitions for speed bump have

been completed with approval of 75% of residents on block, and

submitted to the city.

• Parking Enforcement: working with MPD, we have increased

parking enforcement all around the neighborhood.

• Over Grown Grass: reminder that during the summer over grown

grass breeds rat issues. So please cut your yards. If you continue to see

high grass report to DCRA’s Vacant and Abandoned Property Division


• Car Safety Services in August: working with MPD to schedule

window etching opportunities in August. Need to confirm

at least 20 cars. If you are interested please email Anita at

anita.norman1@verizon.net for more info and sign up.

• Anna Cooper Circle: working with city to install “Pooper Scooper”

signs and increase police patrol in order to curb speeding.

• Lights: Working to fix broken lights in the community

• Trees: Received grant to plant at least 15 trees at the Park at LeDroit.

Going to training on June 25, 2014. Will need volunteers to help with

planting in October. More details to come.

• Membership Dues: please make sure to pay annual dues. LPCA

calendar is from May to April. You can make payments through our


• Neighborhood Happy Hour: will continue through the summer. Will

post and send out dates/times/locations.

and T traffic light has been fixed, and we are

• Treasurer, Donna Morris: current amount in bank is $2,812.90

• President, Golda Philips: LPCA is looking for volunteers to help at Arcada

Mobile Market. We have partnered with them this year in order to

distribute vouchers (part of DC’s Produce Plus Program) to those in

need. We will be there ever Wednesday from 5-7pm, and need at least 2

volunteers each week from now till October. Please email Richard Myers at

richardmyers@verizon.net if you are interested and able to help out.

• Open Forum (8:25-8:40)

• Scott Simpson, candidate for Ward 1 Rep to State Board of Education

• David Do, candidate for Ward 1 Rep to State Board of Education

• E. Gail Anderson Holness, candidate for Ward 1 Rep to State Board of


• Request for updated procedures of publishing LPCA Meeting minutes