LPCA Board Elections – Accepting Nominations NOW!!


Hi Neighbors,

During our next LPCA meeting (Tuesday, June 24) members will be casting votes for Executive Board. We encourage everyone to run and everyone to come vote. Here are a view important notes:
1. What positions will be voted on: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
2. What do I do if I want to run: its very simple, just email Richard Myers at richardmyers@verizon.net letting him know what position you would like to run for. That’s it!!
3. Who can run/vote: you must be a LPCA member in order to cast a vote and/or run. So make sure to pay your annual dues by going to http://www.ledroitparkdc.org/join-the-c-a/
4. What about the other positions I see are part of Executive Board: Safety Chair, Parks Chair, Membership Chair, and Communications Chair are all appointed positions, AND ARE VERY IMPORTANT!! If you are interested in any of these chairmanships, please reach out to Richard or Golda at goldap@gmail.com.
5. How do I vote: voting will take place at the next general meeting (Tuesday, June 24) and will be administered by Richard. The only way to vote is to show up, so mark your calendars!
Do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the board regarding the election process. Everyone is encouraged to run and be part of our great organization.