LeDroit Park Civic Association 10/25/12 Minutes

Nikki Enfield informed the community that she is looking to add a new warm, low-key, casual dinning space/bar in a TBD location.  She presented her idea for a new space and asked for the communities support and suggestions on where she should open the new venue.

Lincoln Lawrence from Clark Construction did a presentation on the construction of two new Howard University (HU) Residence Hall buildings.  Lawrence went over an abbreviated rollout of the sequencing, staging, and construction plan for the new HU buildings. Construction will begin February 2013 and continue for 18 months. Streets that will be most impacted include Bryant Street and 4th Street.  Construction will take place between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Monday – Saturday.  There will be 1,345 beds in the new HU Resident Halls.

William Howland, Director of The Department of Public Works (DPW), shared some of the findings of the Emergency Response Task Force Committee.  He informed us about flood prevention, the proper use of sandbags, and emergency preparation issues.  Lawrence and the Task Force are looking for a LeDroit Park representative.  Please let us know if you or someone you know will be interested in volunteering to represent LeDroit Park in the Task Force meetings.  The Task Force has been meeting regarding the proper response to flooding and hurricane preparedness.  Because flooding and other emergencies can be stressful, there are mental health professionals available to help through that stressful time.  Warned us that we should have our sandbags ready now so if and emergency occurs the community members will be prepared.  Info was handed out about when and how to collect leaves for the 2012-2013 Fall – Winter which goes into effect November 5, 2012.

Samantha Nolan, Trainer Chief of Police Executive Board, shared that the behaviors that attract crimes, informed us that burglary is a 80% preventable crime and gave us the following pointers:

  • Leavings things in plain view leads to thefts from autos. If you leave it, they will take it so put everything away.
  • The GPS electronics devise is the number one item taken from cars.  Don’t use it unless you really need it.
  • Don’t put your purse on the back of your chair in a restaurant or bar.  Place in on your lap or between your legs.
  • Don’t leave items left unattended on the front porch.
  • Don’t show electronics in public.
  • Make eye contact with those around you.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Hide your i-Toys when out in public.
  • Install a timer for outside porch lights. From Dust to Dawn timer that is only $3.00.
  • Take photos and record serial numbers of all your valuables.
  • Make sure the number for your address clearly identifiable on your door.
  • Put your house address numbers in black, on white, by the light.

Samantha requested volunteers to become a LeDroit Park Block Captain and gave us the Block Captain (BC) Responsibilities.  You can find a copy of the BC Responsibilities under the Public Safety Tab of our website.

DDOT presented on the Surface Water Management Project: 500 and 600 blocks Florida Ave NW. There is a LeDroit Park Community Project Walk Through to learn about the upcoming project to help water drain off the roadway during rain events. If you want to attend the walk through, meet at the LeDroit Park Sign (Florida Ave., T St. & 6th Street NW) Saturday, October 27 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 Am. The contact person for this event is Veronica Davis, Public Outreach Coordinator.  Her phone number is 202.696.2160 and her email address is vdavis@nspiregreen.com

-minutes compiled and edited by Danielle Ricks