LPCA Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2016

LPCA fence

You can download the July 26, 2016 LPCA meeting minutes here


Call to order at 7:15 pm

Location: Elks Lodge


  • Neighbors first time at meeting were introduced (we had two, Lakita & Carolyn)
  • Homicide in Bloomingdale. LPCA folks visited. Let’s get to know our neighbors and let’s say hello.


  1. Introduction of new Lieutenant, Lt. Pearce – PSA 306

    With police depart for 19 years. We have exp robbery prob on 3rd & 4th street. 7 robberies last month to 1 now. 20 days of no robberies where there was previously prob.

    Group home on 2nd street. Keeping eye on that.

    Good news: srgt Gregory’s team pulled over car whose driver takes off running. Car was stolen from this area.

    Stolen scooter. Ended up catching on 7th district.

    Cab driver- got his cab got stolen. Caught him in 6th district.

    We have a lot of outside influences here.

    Theft autos are high around here and Georgia ave. the best result is when the community works together. It’s important to communicate with the department. If not 911, email or text.

    Q: criminal activity in the alleys. What’s the protocol? A: officers are perceptive and know to patrol the alleys

    Q: people at the ANNA cooper circle sleeping A: nothing we can do except to ask them to move. We’ll look into it.

    Q: packages being stolen. Has anyone been arrested? A: yes. There’s an officer dedicated to this problem.

    Q: In a month there were 3 robberies at same spot (T & 3rd). A: pay attention to your areas. She had earphones in. So be aware. Safety in numbers.

    Q: 4th street there’s an empty house being renovated. There’s some suspicious activity in that alley.

    2. Committee Reports

    Safety: Anita
    We had a safety walk last Tuesday. Important for residents to come out and look for things to report to the police. At least 3 houses had graffiti on fence. Owner of property has to give permission for city to clean up the graffiti.

    Turn porch lights on on front and the back.

    Alley between Elm & V. People sometimes dump things. Anita sent an email to inspector Brooom if we can get cameras to catch people doing illegal dumping.

    Text tip to the police: text to 41150
    Always file police report.

    LP clean up day went well.

    Contacted DCR responsible for citing people when they have high grass. They are going to do a walk through soon. Martha– has rats inside their homes. GASP in the room.

    Rats: DC will come and lay rat baits. Get neighbors to sign a petition to bait the whole area. Trash goes in container and not in trash bags, please.

    3. Block Party

    August 20th (rain date in Sept); 300 block of T St.
    12pm-5pm; street will be blocked off.
    We need to file permit online and need 50% of signature on the block.
    We need volunteers in hosting this block party. Sign up sheet was passed around or email Anita if interested.

    4. Candidates Running for ANC

    Introduction by the following candidates:

    Jonathan Goldman – flyer was given out. His website is: anc1b01.org

    Anita Norman – any questions, please email her. If elected in November, takes office starting in January.

    5. Elks Lodge Update

    We had a roll call meeting. LPCA lost standing but we are moving forward as the ANC and granted conditional standing for party of 5.

    We are scheduled to go to mediation on Sept 1. 14th is status hearing. Nov 9- scheduled protest.

    6. Upcoming Meetings

    August 23: Neighborhood Watch Training w/ Samantha Nolan
    September 27: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton


Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm