Mayor Muriel Bowser Comes To LeDroit Park And Attends The February LPCA Meeting!

Over 50 people were in attendance at the  February LPCA Meeting to meet Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Mayor Bowser is on the last leg of her Fresh Start February campaign trail which was designed to engage residents from all 8 wards to create the District’s next budget.

While at the meeting, the mayor suggested that community groups create a list of their top three budgetary concerns and then submit these concerns, via the proper channels, to be reviewed by her staff.

However, the Mayors discussions didn’t end with the budget. She also opened the floor for a very lively Q&A session, answering several questions about  marijuana, bike lanes, ABRA and even rodent control. The mayor was so well received at the meeting that she offered to stay an additional 20 minutes past her scheduled 30 minute time slot.

Mayor Muriel Bowser is scheduled to meet with more than 30 community groups around the city.