Become a Block Captain

Goals of the Block Captain Program:

To support the CA in its mission of “fostering and encouraging a strong sense of community within LeDroit Park.”  Block captains are an integral part of preventing crime in the community.


  • Introduce yourself to neighbors as the CA Block Captain
  • Drop off Civic Association materials to new neighbors
  • Keep an eye on senior citizen neighbors or others who many need additional support at certain times.
  • Be a source of information on practical matters (such as trash pick up day and how to call bulk trash) to neighbors who many not have this info.
  • Participate in community safety walks, when possible
  • Keep a log of problem properties (i.e. abandoned properties, properties with suspicious activities) to share with appropriate representatives of the CA and other District agencies in order to resolve issues.
  • Report suspicious activity to MPD by calling 911 and communicate issues with the CA Public Safety chair/committee.
  • Post notices of CA monthly meetings and other important events on block (on lampposts, etc.)
  • Encourage neighbors to clearly mark the front and back of their homes with their house number.
  • Smile and say “hi” to your neighbors – ask them to become involved in the CA and the public safety committee.


Please fill out the Block Captain/Public Safety Committee Interest Form or e-mail a member of the LDPCA Executive Committee, and we will contact you with more information.

 LeDroit Park Civic Association is a registered Neighborhood Watch Program.